January 2018 Release Notes

This year, I’m trying out a new reflection strategy. My long posts were taking up quite a lot of time and effort to build out, which forced me to either spend a good chunk of time writing them or enter a cycle of procrastination. My past two quarterly reflections have entered this cycle, with the current one sitting a few paragraphs past an outline, over a month past its desired release date. At this point, I’ve decided not to write one at all and instead focus on my future endeavors.

To combat what I’ll now dub “reflection fatigue”, I’m going to be further splitting my reflection schedule from quarterly to monthly with the hope that smaller chunks will be easier to chew. The new strategy:

2018 Reflection Strategy

Met rooftop, circa 2015 Met rooftop, circa 2015


Move to NY

Big news first: I’m moving to NYC at the end of February! I’ve been doing a lot of research into where I want to live and what’s involved in moving, but I’ve still got a lot left to do. As such, many of my other projects have taken a back seat to this effort, mostly because it’s the one I’m most stressed about, making focusing on other things rather hard.

I’m currently looking for housing and roommates. If you know anyone looking to move to the city and might want to room, send them my way!


As part of this long-term move to the north, I’ve taken some precautions to ensure that it doesn’t totally disrupt my way of life. I finally recovered from a stress injury which prevented me from running for most of the summer and fall, but found that the cold was just as much of, if not greater, an impediment to my will-to-run this November/December. Knowing that NY can often be colder than DC (which is baffling, cause DC gets pretty damn cold), I invested in some winter running gear. I’ve only had a few hiccups, like not realizing your shoes are bad insulators (for which I got winter socks) or discounting just how cold your ears can get in 20 degree weather with -12 windchill (for which I bought a thermal cap and balaclava for the reeeeaaaallllyyyy cold days). I plan to write about my experiences and best practices running in the cold whenever I feel confident enough in my own tenets.

Nike stats


Runs: 4

Miles: 15.33

Avg. pace/mile: 8:29

More interesting stuff to come with these stats. But for now, gaze in awe at my pig-like quickness.


greeneggsandhamy.art greeneggsandhamy.art


This past month, I’ve been thinking a lot about branding. I looked back and realized that while the SIRHAMY brand was good for linking all my pursuits together under one identity, it was suboptimal at supporting each of my individual pursuits. Thus I’ve taken some inspiration from quotes such as:

“ Whatever you do, do the shit out of it.”


“Do one thing well.”

to separate some of my personas to, hopefully, better position them for success in their respective domains. Some changes of note:

RxSkulls Charity Run

Street Art

Despite my ravings about being more productive last semester, I think I was actually less productive than ever. As such, I don’t have that much to show.

I did, however, participate in RxSkulls’ Charity Gang Run, in which you send in a design for printing and also get an assortment of other participants’ stickers. Definitely not the most efficient way to give back, but you do what you can. I like stickers, I like charity => no brainer.

InstagramCelebrity _Original image taken by @35mm._


I bought a camera! I’ve been taking lots of photos with my phone for several years now (along with everyone else with an Insta account) and was kind of wondering what the next step was. I always wondered what it would be like to take pictures with a nice camera, so I went and got one. So far, I have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s forced me to learn a lot more about how cameras work and the process of image manipulation/editing. I’ve been eyeing jumping into image manipulation (think things you’d make with PhotoShop), but the expected learning curve always threw me off. Now I’m invested, so I’ve accepted I’m doing this thing.

This month I took a five-day trip to the Big Apple to look at apartments. I saw a lot of great stuff and would totally show you, but I all the pics are still on my camera…

February 2018 (and beyond) Goals

Start habits again

Every day:

2018 Goals (cause at this point that 2017 reflection ain’t happening)


Looking back on these goals, they don’t seem very consistent with regard to their size or difficulty, so I’d imagine that some of these will morph over time. But that’s part of the beauty of these things, always an iteration.

Peace, love, and happiness from your boi Hamilton. See y’all next month.